Online Parliament – Bandwidth Waste?

Parliament online is cool. No really. REALLY! Oh to heck with you…

I have a guilty secret. I like to watch and listen to Parliament. Especially question time. I tell people I like to watch it because my partner is a Ministerial Adviser, but the truth is I’ve been listening to Parliamentary debates and Question Time on the radio since my school days.

The only thing that used to bother me was that there would often be three things happening at once (two houses of Parliament and a Committee hearing), and we would only get to hear one of them.

But ever since I discovered the Parliamentary Live Webcast page, I’ve been a happy Dixer-Watcher. I can still only watch one room at a time, and the resolution through my modem is pretty bad, but I get to choose what I watch. Aaaahhh….

Unfortunately, all this video streaming is killing my bandwidth limits. Hey! Ministers! Talk faster!