Me Insightful Linguist

Is Skevos as bright as he thinks he is?

Me Think…
I found a link to an IQ test here. Sure, I bet it’s way too short to be a reliable test of anyone’s IQ, but I couldn’t resist, so I filled it in. The results:


See? SEE? I’m not just bright, I’m an insightful linguist! Whatever the heck THAT means!

And for anyone that notices that this IQ test seems to be part of a dating website – no, I didn’t notice that till after I had done the test. Honest honey, I wasn’t looking for a date, I swear! THWACK! Ow!

I made this light-hearted post a while ago, and somehow it became the top-ranked Google result for searches on the term “insightful linguist” (it’s not anymore). Many people posted comments to this article, which is great (it’s calmed down a bit now). I’d just like to point out that I am in no way affiliated with the IQ test, I’m just someone that did the test and wrote a small post about it on my blog. Also, I don’t think “insightful linguist” is a term with any scientific meaning, nor do I believe that online IQ tests are very reliable – so don’t take it very seriously, ok?