The Great Hard Drive Consolidation of 2012

The Great Hard Drive Consolidation of 2012

The Great Hard Drive Consolidation of 2012 begins: sorting through sixteen hard drives to back up their contents to a single network drive and a backup drive. It’s going to take a while. Some of the drives have dead power supplies, some have faulty enclosures, some are bound to have errors. I recently bought an All In One docking adapter do I could finally start this often-postponed job. If you’re one of the several people waiting for me to copy data from an old job for you, I’m working on it!

3 thoughts on “The Great Hard Drive Consolidation of 2012”

  1. I’m backing up files “by hand”, manually checking each folder on each old drive and copying only the data I want to keep to my main data drive. But once it is copied I use an automated mirroring application to back up to a network drive.

    This website is the closest thing I have to a blog, but as you see I have gotten out of the habit of using it. I’m trying to use it more. And now it won’t let me post this comment.

  2. Oh ok, not going down the NAS road ?
    With that many drives, I’m surprised you haven’t gone for a rack server, but then again, they are $$$$

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