Anything but Boring

Wow. Every day this guy produces an image from his 3D software, and he puts it up on his web site, which he oddly calls Boring 3D. Images range from apparently random flights of fancy to the on going “story” (if story is the right word) of box and naked mining guy, along with other great images. Simple but great composition and colours.

Check out his archive. Scroll to the bottom and look at them in chronological order as you scroll up. Is he really doing this every day? Amazing.

MavArt v7 is Live

Well, this, the seventh version of the MavArt web page is finally up and running. There’s no gallery yet, but most of my old articles are now transferred over, and the rest can be added as I go. So I’m calling it done. Thanks to those that gave me feedback – it still amazes me how strangers stumble across my site and say nice things to me about my articles. Maybe I should write some new articles.

I took a look at the first version of the MavArt page the other day, dated 28 August 1996 (yes, I backup just about everything!), and man, was it lame! Hard to believe how much the internet has grown (and commercialised) since those days. Now that my vanity page is based on the moveabletype system, I have officially run out of reasons for not updating it more often. Time will tell…

Getting There

Apologies if Google brought you here looking for one of my articles and you couldn’t find it. Google is still sending people to the old pages, some of which I have left up for now, soon they will direct you here. All the articles are converted over now, and can be found in the menu on the side of the screen.

I do know that 95% of my visitors come here via Google, so sorry for the inconvenience but it had to be done. Google will correct itself in a few weeks.

Not all the templates are converted over to the MavArt look either, they will be soon. Thanks!