Fake Microsoft

Skevos discovers a new low in computer viruses.

Phew. There’s nothing like a fresh WindowsXP installation to make you realise how many people out there must have virus-riddled PCs – after all, my new installation of XP can’t be to blame, can it? I’ve been getting all the usual spam lately – Nigerian opportunities to lose all my money, pills to make me hallucinate that my breasts are larger, the chance to buy fake degrees to ruin my career prospects, etc etc. But I’ve started getting a lot more of those disguised emails that attempt to trick me into running their attachments. The days of simple emails that state “open the attachment for a fireworks animation!” are gone. These days they are disguised as all manner of innocent or important-sounding things, and I’ve learned to ignore them all. Yet the latest virus email to quietly slither into my inbox is almost a work of genius in its presentation.
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