Spam Names

I get a lot of spam emails. A lot. Most of them I never see due to my spam filter, but recent email problems meant I had to sort through them by hand. During this dull process I noticed that, as always, spammers disguise their real names with phony ones. But I also noticed that some spammers are getting a bit more creative and apparently using some sort of random access to a database of names/words to make up an endless variety of fake names.

Some of the results are quite goofy and Goonish/Pythonesque. Some recent ones were:

  • Eight R. Straggles
  • Stratagem B. Shipyard
  • Fatalist H. Faraway
  • Grunt P. Foreclose
  • Beards T. Lively
  • Gamma F. Transfusion
  • Constance V. Barrage
  • Swooned H. Stimson
  • Resettle D. Outrigger
  • Dogcatchers G. Abbess
  • Checker G. Canards
  • Balminess Q. Crawl
  • Threatenings L. Chortle
  • Sandy L. Gasping
  • Flap C. Kerouac
  • Nonfiction H. Miraculously
  • Shrieking P. Delano
  • Superficial I. Incumbent
  • Dillydallied H. Yevtushenko
  • Heliport S. Persecuting
  • Handgun H. Deficient
  • Churlishness H. Folk
  • Striker M. Vistas
  • Denver G. Commonwealth
  • Discotheque H. Artificer
  • Appeasement E. Percolated
  • Injection V. Brenda
  • Projectile S. Scuzzier
  • Feting U. Deleterious
  • Stereo Q. Sectarianism
  • Infringement R. Swampiest
  • Hesiod A. Probationer

The ones in bold are the ones I like so much I’m going to try and use them in a script or even in conversation. Such as “Wasn’t that written by the poet Grunt P. Foreclose?”, or “Wasn’t he killed by the gangster Shrieking P. Delano?”.