About MavArt

Skevos Mavros

MavArt is one person – Skevos Mavros. No that’s not a nickname or handle, it’s my real name. MavArt is me. I am MavArt. Goo goo g’joob.*

Who the heck is Skevos Mavros?

I’m a writer/editor/procrastinator (and occasional cinematographer, animator, sound recordist, dialogue editor, and VFX mangler). I’m currently completing a Masters which will be done “Real Soon Now”.

I taught part-time at the Queensland School of Film and Television.

I have worked on videos (corporates, training, music clips, TV commercials) as part of PixelPopMedia.

I also used to be the Guide for the Film Making web site over at About.com, formerly The Mining Company, which is a great collection of special-interest web sites, but my work and writing commitments forced me to stop running it. Last time I looked, About.com still hasn’t found someone to take over the Film Making site, so it and all the articles I wrote for it have been removed from their servers. In order to rescue the articles from internet oblivion, I put a few of them up here, in the Articles section.

Where does the name “MavArt” come from?

The name MavArt is actually a combination of the
first three letters of my surname (Skevos Mavros), and the first three letters of my wife’s surname (Kareena Arthy). A stunningly original idea, yes?  Yes?  Oh…

*What does Goo Goo G’Joob Mean?

It’s a nonsense phrase from the nonsense Beatles song I Am The Walrus:

Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come
Corporation tee-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday
Man, you been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long
I am the eggman, they are the eggmen
I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob