Introducing the MavLog

I have now set up a “weblog” on Mavart – after much twiddling with the weblog software Grey Matter (mostly playing with appearances, the software itself installed without a hitch).

Why have I set up weblog software? Well, it’s not because I want to do what many do with their weblogs and post several messages a day telling the world how I’m feeling at that very moment…

The main reason I set up the MavArt page (apart from the usual vanity reasons) was so I would put up information, news and images allowing my friends and family to easily keep up with what was happening in my life (almost all my family and many of my friends live a long way away from me – or perhaps I should say I live a long way away from them?). Alas, as can be seen from the What’s New page on the MavArt site, this plan has been a dismal failure.

So – now that these weblogs (or “blogs”) seem to be getting popular on the net, I thought I’d install one on the MavArt site, in the hope that it will make adding new content to the site much easier, and hence I’ll update the site more often.

Only time will tell if it works…

UPDATE: I’m not using Greymatter anymore, as the whole MavArt site now runs on Movabletype.

UPDATE 2: I’m not using Movabletype any more, I’ve made the switch to WordPress. So far so good, very good in fact