Star Wars Meets Dallas – “Dallas Wars”? “Stallas”?

It probably only works for people my age or older, but this YouTube video of the opening credits for Star Wars done in the style of the TV series Dallas made me smile.  I particularly like the way the creator used a shot of Tarkin turning around for his credit – Old School!  The whole thing was inspired by this Star Trek one.

2 thoughts on “Star Wars Meets Dallas – “Dallas Wars”? “Stallas”?”

    1. I hadn’t heard of this – I promptly signed up to recreate a “scene”. Scene 74:

      You know the one: “If there’s a bright center to the universe, you’r eon the planet it’s furthest from”. “I see sir”. “You can call me Luke”. “I see Sir Luke”. “No, just Luke”. “And I am C3p0…”

      I may use puppets… 🙂

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