Ninderry Manor

We spent the weekend at Ninderry Manor for Kareena’s birthday. Had a great time, the hosts were wonderful, the food was amazingly good. We did a bit of Japanese calligraphy, a bit of reading, even a bit of watercolour painting. And I took a few snapshots.

Nininderry Images

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4 thoughts on “Ninderry Manor”

  1. I really enjoy playing with depth of field and high color contrast. After you told me about whitebalancing all my photos have been so much clearer. Although I find that when I take photos on the general setting motion beeds colors, how do I fix this?

  2. How are things? You have not posted anything in a while? I guess you are busy with that script and the family holidays. I am currently in Indonesia learning more and more about the harsh world we mistake to be ‘The Film Industry’. I am currently ‘living’ in a local production house, RT FILMS, it is such a great experience, i am learning the ins and outs of commercial filmmaking. From the conception to the shoot, color grading, to offline editing. It is Amazing, I love it more and more even though every director I talk to laughs at my idealistic passion, I say bring it on. So yeah things are going well. I must thank you again for all you taught me in that short weekend course I am really reaping the benefits now.

  3. Hi Aaron, good to hear from you again,

    Thanks again for the kind words, I’m glad you found the course useful. I’m also pleased to hear that you’re still enjoying yourself and learning new things – when we stop learning we start dying. Don’t let us cynical oldies get you down, or take advantage of you too much…

    Yes, the site hasn’t been updated for a while, but I hope that will change soon. Work is a bit less hectic so I’m running out of excuses. Still, it is just a vanity page… 🙂

    All the best,


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