If I Were a US Voter

Skev realises he’s part of the moron vote.

I just visited a web site called presidentmatch.com that asks you a series of policy questions, then presents you with a list of US Presidential candidates ranked in their order of compatibility with your opinions. The results were almost exactly opposite who I would actually vote for – so I suspect the quiz is flawed (or I’m woefully misinformed on some candidates’ policies). Here are my results:

Now I’m an open-minded guy, but Al Sharpton as my most ideal candidate?!? He should have been at the bottom of my list, the guy is nuttier than a nut bar with extra nuts. I think the problem with this quiz is that it ranks candidates based on what they say their polices are, not what their likely polices would actually be if they ever won office.

But what do I care – US presidential elections are a spectator sport for me, thankfully.

One thought on “If I Were a US Voter”

  1. Hi – just ducking over from Robert Corr.. good to see a filmy person up and about on a blog.

    i just wanted to say that the courier mail article on the PFTC has been archived, which means you need to pinch and post if you want people to read it after a period of time. I have the same problem, which means I tend to load too much onto the site.. just a very late night remark.


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