It Pays to be Paranoid

I’ve been getting a lot more dodgy emails sent from infected PCs lately (and I’m not the only one). So when all these emails containing dodgy attachments started appearing in my Mozilla email reader, my virus checker helpfully popped up and presented me with various ways of dealing with them. Like an idiot, I clicked “Wipe files”. The moment I clicked it I remembered that Mozilla stores all the emails for each folder as a single file. Which meant that my virus checker had just erased all of the emails in my inbox. All 1,627 of them.


But, thanks to my almost DAILY backups of about 8 Gigs worth of my data, I was able to restore them and only lose a handful of emails. So despite the raised eyebrows of those that think me nutty for backing up so often, it pays to be paranoid…

If you’re reading this and you sent me an email within 24 hours of this post, I may have lost it. On the other hand, if you’re one of the twenty people who are still waiting for a reply from me after sending me an email over three months ago… Um…. I have no excuse.

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