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I’ve been online for a while, so I’ve seen a lot of what the net has to offer. I’ve come to accept that somewhere on the net there is a website for every interest, obsession, or fetish. But just when you think you’ve seen everything, along comes this specialised fetish site. Wow. There really is something for everyone online.

Which is not to say that I find the images there unnattractive, it’s just that, I mean… of all the technology devices to be turned on by, why this one? Maybe I don’t get it because I use these devices myself almost every day…

4 thoughts on “Phunny Phetish”

  1. Well there are fetishes (which cannot be done without sexually) and kinks (which are nice-to-haves), and I think a lot of the people who visit and contribute to the HeadPhet website fall into the latter category. I think many of the people who have blogged about the site assume that it exists mainly for those with a hardcore sexual fetish about headphones, and I don’t really think that’s the case. And speaking as the creator and maintainer of the site, I should know 🙂

  2. Hey, thanks for posting.

    And just for the record, I wasn’t dissing your site, to each their own etc etc! I like to think I have a broad mind, and I certainly found nothing objectionable about it. It’s just that I found the site surprising. I use headphones every day – for me they are a mundane and sometimes slightly uncomfortable (if worn for many hours) fact of life. Making headphones into a “kink” object was like making a kink object out of… I dunno… bread!


    (now you get to send me a link to a bread-kink site…) 😉

    Thanks again for visiting my (seldom updated) site!

    Skevos Mavros

  3. Smoker Jeanene said:

    > If I could get my membership
    > fee back, I’d resign from
    > the human race.

    And “Smoker Jeanene’s” signature links back to a penis enlarging website. So it’s another spam in my blog comments. Ah well.

    You know, I almost admire them. The comments are reasonably skillfully designed to sort of work when attached to almost any blog post on any subject. But they’re still spam. Look at how many times this particular one shows up on Google:

    Google results for this blog spam

    This is the last one I’ll leave up – from now on I shall delete them. I think there’s an upgrade to movabletype to help block them.

    Skevos Mavros

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