Automatic Bad Poetry

Filtering Fun

I’ve seen a lot of web filters over the years. You know, those programs that take a web page and convert it

into other real languages or even other styles of lettering. Then there are the silly ones that will convert a page into styles of writing such as Jive, Elmer Fudd, Swedish Chef, or even pornography (that last one is not for the easily offended).

But today I discovered this one, which converts any web page into poetry. I fed it the MavLog page and I got this:

2001 several people I admired and
a piece
the Goons is dead,
The end of us
forever. but the last
two weeks to do it.
in the phones. Interestingly,
it And the Pulpit
column, to stop by kidney failure. I wipe this cream Is here.

Interesting. Try it on a news site or your own home page. The sad part is that the above poem is a lot better than any poem I have ever written myself…