Candles, I’m Sick of Candles

Skevos realises that living under candlelight is not romantic – it’s primitive.

It’s been over twenty-four hours since the power in our place dropped from 240volts to what seems like twelve. The novelty of being without useful power is well and truly over. They say that any society is just three meals away from revolution, well this internet junky has gone two nights without web or email and if things don’t improve soon I’m going to revolt.

Calling the power company is futile, all we get is a recording, “We know there is a problem in your area. Restoration time is unknown. This message will be updated at 8:30”. Each time we call them the list of affected suburbs gets a little shorter and the next update a little later, but no change here since yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately today I told my students to email me if they had any questions or suggestions for day two of the course – but without power I can’t check emails. Bugger.

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