Chatting to Lennon

Want to chat to John Lennon?

I’m a John Lennon fan. Well, I like a lot of his music. I never met the man himself, and by his own admission he had his flaws. But I also think his tragically short life was interesting.

But on the net, nothing is really over, and no one really dies. Now, thanks to a modified version of the Alice chat bot, you can chat online with the late John Lennon. The chat is text only – no computer-generated Liverpuddlian voice will come from your computer’s speakers. Thankfully.

Is it like talking to the real man? I doubt it – after all, this John Lennon gives the same answers to repeated questions, and no matter how boring you are he doesn’t ever tell you to get knotted.

It’s only a matter of time before some of Rock and Roll’s less inspiring legends are brought to life this way. What would talking to a Kurt Cobain chat bot be like?

ME: Hi Kurt!
KURT: What?
ME: Tell me about Courtney Love.
KURT: Is she still alive? Man, I thought she’d go before me.
ME: Actually she’s had several successful singles since you died.
KURT: What?! Are you kidding?!
ME: And a couple of well-reviewed movie roles.
KURT: Movies?! Are you out of your mind?! Oh man!! Can I get a shotgun in here?