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If you’re visiting this site then you must already know me, or have attended one of the courses I’ve run at the QSFT, or stumbled in here by accident. Whatever the reason, if you want to contact me then you have several options:


My public email address is skev2008 at mavart dot com – I’m sorry that my email address is not clickable or even written properly, but spammer-bots scan web pages for email addresses, and the last address I put up here became inundated with spam. I’m sure you can work it out.

I try to check emails at leadt once a day, but no promises.


Yes, like just about everyone now, I’m on Facebook, but I waited as long as I could – until joining Facebook wasn’t cool anymore.  Find me on Facebook here.


I just joined Twitter (yep, once again I waited till it was no longer cool).  Not sure how often I will “tweet”, as I’m not sure if I understand the point of Twitter yet.  My Twitter profile is here.

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Don’t want to send me an email because you’re worried I’ll make a fortune selling your email address to spammers? Put off Well then, use the form below to send me a message. It can be any length (within reason), and you can even make it anonymous if you like, but if you don’t provide an email address I can’t reply, can I?

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