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Is Skevos as bright as he thinks he is?

Me Think…
I found a link to an IQ test here. Sure, I bet it’s way too short to be a reliable test of anyone’s IQ, but I couldn’t resist, so I filled it in. The results:


See? SEE? I’m not just bright, I’m an insightful linguist! Whatever the heck THAT means!

And for anyone that notices that this IQ test seems to be part of a dating website – no, I didn’t notice that till after I had done the test. Honest honey, I wasn’t looking for a date, I swear! THWACK! Ow!

I made this light-hearted post a while ago, and somehow it became the top-ranked Google result for searches on the term “insightful linguist” (it’s not anymore). Many people posted comments to this article, which is great (it’s calmed down a bit now). I’d just like to point out that I am in no way affiliated with the IQ test, I’m just someone that did the test and wrote a small post about it on my blog. Also, I don’t think “insightful linguist” is a term with any scientific meaning, nor do I believe that online IQ tests are very reliable – so don’t take it very seriously, ok?

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  1. Insightful Linguist. Well to the matter of fact i have been told and completed tests all of which show i am an Insightful Linguist.
    I participated in a IQ test and my score was 115 i am 12 years old is this good? What i mean is that is 115 a good mark for 12 years old?

    Yours sincerely L.C

  2. As far as I know it’s not a scientific term, just one that thet particular IQ test uses. I guess “linguist” means that you are very good with language and vocabulary (written and spoken), and insightful means you are observant and able to see the meaning and what is important in what you see.

    And yes, an IQ of 115 for a 12 year old is pretty good. I suspect that test was for adults, there are other tests for children that will give a more accurate result (though I haven’t seen any child IQ tests on the web).

    I wouldn’t take the test TOO seriously though. It’s just a free online IQ test, not a proper IQ test under controlled conditions (and I even have my doubts about those).

    All the best,


  3. “discount term life insurance” said:

    > Nice article.

    What was great about my “article”? Great – now even the comments section on my website gets spam. Yeesh.

  4. Hi there,

    Juana said:

    > I scored 127 on the IQ test. My intelluctal
    > type was called, Insightful Linguist. Is
    > that good?

    I’ve no idea! I’m just a guy that took the test as well and posted the results on my web page for a bit of a laugh. I’m not connected with the people who designed the test in any way. I strongly suspect that it’s not an IQ test that can be relied upon for accuracy (assuming any of them can be). Thanks for visiting my web site though!

    All the best,

    Skevos Mavros


  6. We must be similar; those of us who scored high and are described as Insightful Linguist. The accurate dictionary description of a linguist is someone who speaks several languages fluently. However, this use of the term is a description for a person with unique writing ability. I scored 131, which is one point higher than my son scored when he was nine years old. I was told back then that 130 was somewhere between gifted and genius. It didn’t matter though, as he dropped out of high school, got into the wrong crowd, and at nearly 26 years old, still doesn’t know where he is headed.

    What is important is not what we score on some online IQ test, but what we do with it. For us who scored as Insightful Linguist should use our writing skills to make a living. It means we are creative, artistic thinkers and expressive in our writing.
    And yes, it’s very good. Whether you are gifted at writing poetry, novels, business documents or grants, please use your God given gift to its full potential. Just my humble opinion.

  7. DAVID:
    Next time, please turn off your caps lock button! And no, I WON’T BE SENDING YOU A DOLLAR! 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my site and thanks for your comments. I have an open mind on IQ tests, but I genuinely think that people put too much emphasis on them. They just seem to assume to much about people’s backgrounds and education to be universally applicable. Plus I’m sure there are types of intelligence that cannot be tested with a paper or online test.

    And for what it’s worth, I didn’t know where I was headed when I was twenty-six years old either. 🙂

    Skevos Mavros

  8. Yes I done the test because I was bored on my lunch break.. and yes I done a google search for Insightful Linguist. Funny how all us gifted writers dont even know what it means. But we must have something in common because my friend done the same test and it said he had a craftsman’s mind, and he’s a carpenter. Talk soon folks, Matt from Ireland

  9. Matt,

    Thanks for visiting my site and commenting on my post. I’m amazed that people post comments here at all, given that my template is broken and comments don’t even show on the main article pages, only on the main page. I admire your perseverance in finding out how to add comments.

    I’m also amazed that my post about my IQ test now ranks in the first position on Google searches for “Insightful Linguist”. If the most linked place on the web that uses that term is here, then this tells me that it’s probably not a scientific term at all. 🙂

    And maybe we do all have something in common. Whether it’s writing skills or boredom while surfing the web I’ll leave for others to decide.


    Thanks again for your comment,

    Skevos Mavros

  10. I really think the word “Insightful Linguist” applies to me cos i just discovered i have a flair for creative thinking and writing. U know, doing things differently.
    My opinion is that the free online test should not be taken with a pinch of salt as suggested by some people cos it actually adds value to you. For all its worth, it boosts your self confidence which is a vital way of improving your innate talent. Waow! what could be better?

  11. Calling all insightful linguists! I feel like we’ve all been herded into the same corral. There may be something subliminal here. I’d be curious to compare profiles and personalities. I scored 127 and wonder what’s in the report; However not the cost of the report’s worth.

  12. I also took the emode IQ test and scored pretty high (124). But I’ve taken a lot of online IQ tests and all of them say that I’m pretty gifted or above average. It’s nice to have an impartial third party say that your super intelligent. And it is a great boost to your self-esteem.

    But for those of you who are still baffled by the IQ scores, I have a little bit of info. from my psych classes. According to some psychological studies, people who attend college have IQ’s of 100 and over. IQ’s of 80 and below are considered mentally impaired (either trainable or untrainable). Those who are at the border line from normal intelligence and metally impaired are the most unfortunate souls. For they are too intelligent for the mentally impaired and, unfortunately, not smart enough for the school systems. So, those kids don’t get the help they need. The school determines which of the IQ tests they use (I think there are like three nationally accepted tests).

    As for the 100 and above IQ’s, they are average, above normal, exceptional, or gifted. I’m not sure what the specific divisions are.

    There are so many other types of intelligence like common sense, athletics, voice, decorating, etc., etc. The psychological community is trying to change the IQ tests because they only test one type of intelligence. Schools have only nurtured one type of intelligence (academic), but soon, the other intelligences will be recognized and will be testable.

    Currently, there are tests out there that do test other intelligences, but are not recognized by the educational community.

    Progress takes awhile.

  13. I too am an Insightful Linguist. I scored 135, so I guess that makes me more insightful that 98% percent of the population. And I’m a screenwriter/playwright who makes websites in her spare time, so yeah, maybe it was kinda accurate.

  14. I like Women, Computers, complex abstract theory relationship models, programming, poetry, music, chess, parenting, contemplating the meaning of life and living by the set of my pants! fireworks and yo-yo’s, good wine and open conversation etc… OH! and taking IQ tests

    Score 127
    Insightful Linguist

    btw, I have taken several IQ test with scores as high as 168 and as low 121 and never heard of an Intellectual Type “Insightful Linguist”

    but as one reviews the test results he/she will see the summary which states ” During the test, you answered four different types of questions — mathematical, visual-spatial, linguistic and logical.” Associate these areas to other personality types and you can perhaps understand how they created the term used “Insightful Linguist”, and why it was a model for their test?

    Maybe a better understanding would be with the information from David Keirsey’s website on the four temperaments located at

    also A free and fun alternative test can be found at

    Enjoy life! Be happy!

  15. More information

    Insightful Linguist

    You are gifted with the natural fluency of a writer and the visual and spatial strengths of an artist. Those skills contribute to your creative and expressive mind.

    Insightful linguists can take complex concepts and articulate them to just about anyone. You have a gift with words and insight into processes and the way people think. These talents enable you to explain things clearly to people. Helen Keller is a great example of an Insightful Linguist. Blind, deaf and mute, she was still able to put things together in her mind and to understand complex ideas. She could do that because she was able to conceptualize ideas internally. Though she could not literally see, she had the visual and spatial skills necessary to understand patterns on an abstract level. She learned to read, write and ultimately became a writer on issues of social justice.

    You have an uncanny ability to work your way out of sticky situations using your talent with words. Crossword puzzles, debates — you’re particularly well equipped to come out on top since you can read people well.

    Like Charles Dickens, your verbal skills go far beyond having a good vocabulary. Dickens’ genius was in the artful and descriptive way he crafted sentences. Also Dickensian, is your keen eye for detail and your adeptness for identifying the best way to express an idea based on your given surroundings and circumstances.

    Your ability to communicate your vision clearly will take you far. So enjoy being perceptive, and make the most of your abilities as an insightful linguist.

  16. i wanna be accountant, i hate writing how can i be a lanquist!!!!! though i am very good with languagesss… is this test accurate???

  17. I reckon ‘Insightful Linguist’ describes me rather well too. Although I don’t consider myself terribly creative in my writing, I am good with languages non-native to myself. I spoke English both English and French growing up, then I learnt to read, write and speak both Mandarin and Cantonese after the age of 20. Also is that I teach English as a Second Language.

    My score was 127 and seems rather consistent with other tests I have taken, although I do have my doubts about the accuracy of the 50 (or so)questions IQ test. Anyone who pays for their report is a sucker or someone desperate for entertainmnet.

  18. What a test! You spend time taking it and it doesn’t tell you anything. Well other than im a “Insightful Linguist.” If the test is free the results should also be free. I don’t know. If anyone figures it out let me know.

  19. I took an IQ test, my score was 129 and it said that I was an insightful linguist. I wanted to know what that meant so I looked up the scores and it said that all of history’s worst tales are about very smart individuals who were nevertheless incapable of solving the problem of how to be a human whose actions had a positive effect on one’s fellow humans. I am now terrified and paranoid by my findings, and I wish I never would have taken that stupid test.

  20. “IQ of 133”

    Insightful Linguist, well, I found that once inspired im able to write beautifull things that are flattering. Just recently having realized this ability, ive begun focusing this creative energy towards one special female. Hopefully it does not go to waste but given my track record with girls, im not getting my hopes up.

  21. Im hispanic 38, and I has been in USA from just 3 years before I took the test and Im also a insightful linguist with a score of 124, this is not the first time they test my IQ, the first one was in Peru, in spanish when I was 18 and the results in those times was the same, more than 120, so I think that there must be something accurate with these tests, learn english here is not so difficult for me but is more easy to understand, to read and write, I hope to talk better later because I stlll have accent. What I mean is that the test makes me feel that Im progressin a lot in my english knoweledge. And yes, sometimes I dreamed about to be a writer.

  22. OK – I took this test too, scored a 131 and have no idea what on earth it meant and am too cheap to buy the results. So, like everyone here I too did a google search and found this web-site – it is really good to read all the comments! Maybe, just maybe I should write a book! Maybe an artful one??!! Take care!

  23. After reading all of the posts, it seems as though all of us Insightful Linguists must at least have one thing in common. We all take the test, find this site, wonder “What the heck? No one has answered this yet, but they all post” and then still post anyway. I guess this is our idea of fun? Oh well, I got a 131, think I’m above average and think that I am a decent writer (at least of my school papers). I am certainly not a novelist! And I’m surprised that I didn’t receive a more mathematical oriented result, as I think I’m more math oriented than creative. Good luck to all.

  24. IQ: 115-135
    Insightful Linguist

    You are a cheap bastard and most likely will not pay for the worthless 15-page IQ report. Please use your talent with words to convince your less insightful friends and family members* to take this IQ test so that I can start making some fricken’ money on the web.

    *those with credit cards, only, please.

  25. I think it’s funny that everyone is trying to find out what an insightful linguist is. I scored 133 which doesn’t really mean anything to me because it took me years to realize that I was smart after being called stupid by my mom all my life. Anyway, I thought maybe I have some pointers for all of you out there that enjoy personality tests. Sorry left-brained-linear thinkers, I only added stuff about the right hemispheric styles.

    For a little back ground info, I’m in a study skills class in college (I highly recomend this class to everyone). One of the first things we learned about is our own learning stlyes. The best way to have study skills is to know how your brain is wired for thinking. I have some handouts that cover this stuff, so you might find this interesting. Take note that I scored 90% right-brained; not everything will apply to you.
    In one of my handouts a right-brained person is described as: global thinker-sees the whole picture; novelty; wholes, not parts; intuitive-can size up social situations; spatial-understands relative position of objects in space; visual, not auditory; melody in music; in language precessing-understands general meaning get “gist” of the speakers intent-picks up contours, melodic paterns of spoken language; reads gestures and body language; thinks metaphorically.
    Another handout states: spatial relationships; shapes and patterns; color sensitivity; singing and music; creativity; visualiation; feeling and emotions.
    And in another handout right-brained people are holistic(sees the big picture); concrete(wants things concrete, let’s see and feel the real object); random(from one task to another, gets more done, but not necessarily things that should be done); intuitive(know the answer but can’t explain how to get it); nonverval(knows what they mean, but can’t find the right words); fantasy-oriented; hon-temporal(10 minutes might as well be a few days, often tardy).
    I hope this helped, it sure did for me, this describes the way I think almost completely! It sounds like we’re all mostly right-brained people! Happy learning:)

  26. I’m also an “Insightful Linguist.” I scored 109. I read all of your comments and very surpise and very accurate! Some of your comments were very helpful to me, felt a close connection reading some of your comments. I have a question; Since we are all in the same group, do any of you feel like an outsider with this special gift and all? I always knew I was different felt it all my life and the people around me never let me forget it. What’s up with that?

  27. I am original thinker according to Emode test results. And i also scored 96% The Brainteaser
    test. If it means anything?…….

  28. I scored a 133 on the emode IQ test. I hope that it is a good score in comparison to most with or without a college degree.

  29. I really, really enjoyed reading all of the previous posts. Taking that darn test, eventually finding my way here, and discovering these posted gems was fun and funny. Finding out that I share an “Insightful Liguist” kinship with such a wide array of people having similar intellectual traits makes me feel proud to be a human being. It made me smile a lot. Thanks Skevos for starting the conversation on June 03, 2003 at 01:44 Amc

  30. I scored a 122 into this group also. I agree with alot of the comments. Just curios what percentage are left handed. I’m a lefty. I’d appreciate the feedback.

  31. HEY FELLOW 127’s, Are you really insightful linguists? If you you have to ask, maybe not. If you thought so already, you just might be. Being a psych major i can tell you that the test was entirely TOO SHORT to be conclusive (and it did get a little horoscopy after it was over)but, if they followed the guidelines that they say they have, in theory…

    (p.s. did anyone else’s brain start hurtin’?)

  32. Scored 109.
    Yep, its a friggin’ horoscope! (come to think of it thats why they wanted my birthdate). I took the test twice just to be sure, but the second time i answered EVERYTHING wrong and i still scored a 79! (it’s a damn slot machine or sumthin that just kicks out random results). By the way, on my real try i couldn’t figure out the answer to this:

    Which on of these is unlike the other 4?

    i’ll take my answer on the air thanx!

  33. Thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving comments. “Idiot” said:

    > Which on of these is unlike the other 4?
    > Plum
    > Grape
    > Apricot
    > Peach
    > Cherry

    The first answer that popped into my mind was “grape”, as the others are all stone fruits. But then I started to think it was a word problem, which would make it “apricot”, as it’s the only one that starts with a vowel. I can’t remember what answer I gave on the test so many months ago.

    I dislike puzzles that have more than one valid answer! 🙂

    Skevos Mavros

  34. Blanchard
    You should look up your question about lefthandedness at There is an interesting report about multi handed people you might find an answer there. I scored 122. And I am ambidextrous. Later!

  35. Blanchard
    You should look up your question about lefthandedness at There is an interesting report about multi handed people you might find an answer there. I scored 122. And I am ambidextrous. Later!

  36. Human conditions often spark a curious reason for disperity and loyalness, proned to be exact we collabarate decisions amongst fact. If you know what that means your an insightful linguist!!!

  37. Anwser to the “idiot’s” question (Feb. 19). I would choose Peach – because all others have s smoothe skin not “fuzz”.

  38. Anwser to the “idiot’s” question (Feb. 19). I would choose Peach – because all others have smooth skin not “fuzz”.

  39. Hello fellow insightful linguists,
    Funny that we should all meet this way – guess we can start a club. I scored 127. I took the test because I was brainlocked trying to come up with another creative headline for the ad I’m writing.(What arresting thing can you say about a magnetic notepad?!) Btw – too tempting, having internet access at work.

  40. 127 Insightful Linguist. In regards to the friut question I answered grape because it is the only one that grows on a vine and is considered (I think) as a multiple friut in Botany.

    Insightful linguist means we probably over analyze things. All of my teachers have hated my writing unless I BS’d my way through it then I got an “A”.

    Tolstoy once wrote: Infinite questions have infinite answers which leads to no answers.

    Perhaps there is a correlation between Tolstoy’s writtings and the spark that keeps us Insightful Linguists going.

  41. Friut? Whats that? and the answer is chicken, its a trick question.. All my teachers… blah blah. this is for INSIGHTFUL LINGUISTS not know it alls. boom shang.

  42. great site, I wonder if the test creators had any idea they would be part of this evolution? Favorite comment was Mary, Jan 15 – Classic! Just keep in mind that a genius watching TV has the same value as a doorstop. All of the comments here seem just a little off center, so they really appeal to me, thanks

  43. Ive just done the IQ test thing, and I scored 133. I was wondering if, in IQ terms, that was a high result, or just average, or below average. It was the first I had taken, and I really enjoyed testing my knowledge. Im now 20yrs old, but I left school when I was 14yrs. Ive done various jobs and courses since leaving, and so I was wondering how my IQ would be rated. It would be nice to know, or get an idea. But I do realise that these things are’nt to be taken too seriously, but whats a little interest gonna do?

  44. -Try as you will or try as you may- DONKEY
    it’s already been said in a similar way.
    Keats,Shelly,Dickinson and the rest that I’ve read
    have their own styles, but share what’s been said.

    What else do we have in common–Do the rest of you like flying kites?

  45. dumb bitches, i scored 136 🙂 just kiddin. regarding the “idiot’s” q… read again teh question.. it’s not related with the structure of the word… and i wouldn’t go that far with the “fuzz” and shitt. 🙂

  46. i realyy scored 136 :))) . the “dumb bitches” part was supposed to be a joke :P. it’s 4 am… bye :))

  47. Hmm. Pretty Interesting

    131 here & also “Insightful Linguist”.

    I’m slightly dislecsic, spelling is down the drain. Handwriting is pathetic. Genral lifestyle is disorganised. 23 / M / ZA.

    Only did Highschool till 1/2 grade 11. Twas so not mentaly stimulating. Bored stiff. Basicaly flunked.

    Now an IT manager/Website Design/Database Design/Multimedia Video & Audio…. Well, Jack of all trades with regards to the IT field.

    And to top it all off, The 3 top students in my class are, A bank Teller, A Secratary & …….. drom roll please…… a waiter.

    So i guess the poor losers who had no social life, studied their asses off to get the best marks ever, now sit in pathetic jobs.

    My personal opinion is that most of the people here are gifted with their brains capabilities.

    & for newbies to the Insightful Linguist club… You can do so much and make lots of $$ with your nut. Dont be “Stupid” now, we deserve the best!!!

    Thinking about making a forum for all Insightful Linguists. If theres a big enough interest, can organise.

    This has been the most “Insightful” board i’ve read in ages.

    Cheers fellow people.

  48. I scored 124 on the IQ test!! My strengths are writing, painting, drawing, communicating with others and i have strong negotiation skills!! So yes, I think this test may be accurate. Especially, i am very good at visual and spatial concepts. I am observant for example, i seem to hear details and pertinent information when others seem to miss it!! In the movie Seabiscuit all of the main characters triumph over adversity. It does take perserverance and skill to succeed in this world.

  49. Broadly conceived, ‘linguistics’ is the study of human language and a linguist is someone who engages in this study. Linguistic inquiry is pursued by a wide variety of specialists, who may not all be in harmonious agreement; as Russ Rymer flamboyantly puts it:

    “Linguistics is arguably the most hotly contested property in the academic realm. It is soaked with the blood of poets, theologians, philosophers, philologists, psychologists, biologists, and neurologists, along with whatever blood can be got out of grammarians.”

    This is something i found on my google search for the meaning of “Insightful Linguist” which i earned with an IQ test of 126

    im putting it down to decoding the alien language as i beleive this question to be one of the tests for linguistics aswell as a few over questions like zig zag ones and asking if there true or not

    sorry cant remember nonsense

    hmmmmm think im writeing far too much

    so ill shut up now


  50. Another curious “Insightful Linguist”

    Last week, I stumbled on the Tickle IQ test via a link disguised as a geometric puzzle. Generally, I’m suspicious about links however this one looked interesting and I’d never taken an IQ test before. The questions sound the same as Emode (I selected grape re stone fruit). They gave me 135. What did that mean? Was the test valid? What were the answers? What’s an insightful linguist? …which led me here. I looked around and found some info re IQ:

    IQ – Intelligence Quotient. The ratio of mental age to chronological age. (IQ=MA/CA*100)

    MG – Moderately Gifted (IQ 130 – 145)
    HG – Highly Gifted = (IQ 145 – 160)
    EG – Extremely Gifted = (IQ 160 – 180)
    PG – Profoundly Gifted = (IQ 180+)

    For those with an interest in the Maths, have a look at

    Also some interesting background at

  51. Thank you Skevos for this very interesting webpage. It feels great to share with you all the “privilege” of being an Insightful Linguist.
    I did the test while waiting for some media in the lab and scored 126 on the Tickle IQ test. To take it seriously or not, I don’t know but it’s fun and definitely boosts you up.
    Thanks for the fun guys, you’ve made my day.

  52. In response to Idiot and Skevos Mavros – I thought the difference between the fruits is that grapes don’t have pits?

  53. IQ 133 Insightful Linguist
    What a neat site. There must be some truthfulness to the results. I can see myself in most of the posts. I picked grape because of the vine as well. I did terrible all through school. I failed the 5th and 7th grade and my highschool GPA was 0.9. I did go to college and was admitted on a trial basis. My grades improved because I had to maintain a 3.0 but I took a job in sales with about a year left. Looking back I remember classes where I did well and it really didn’t have anything to do with the subject. The teacher or professor and class format had to interest and stimulate me. I wasn’t going to do 100 math problems when I could do ten and know how it is done. So I socialized, entertained myself and the class, and did just enough to get by. Now I’m a fairly-successful businessman. I believe I can attribute my success to my ability to read people and understand what makes them tick. There is a saying that: “B students work for the A students and the C students own the company”.
    In closing, here are some words that describe me: Good listener, easily bored, caring, spontaneous, fun loving, competitive, sometimes sad but never let it show, still do mischevious things, continuous struggle with my dark side, often hard to focus on one thing, problem solver for others and not so much for myself, adrenaline junkie, love a crowd, love friends, punch me and I’ll turn the other cheek, hurt my feelings or pick on someone that can’t take up for themselves and I’ll kick your ass, or get mine kicked trying, hate to read, love the theatre, love all music, drinker, smoker, social druggie, overeater, love all women, trying to have a relationship with Jesus, husband, father, still feel like I’m 18, politically conservative, can see straight through BS, good BS’er, love the water and being on the water, love nature, perfectionist, etc. Etc. means I’m getting bored but could keep going. Man, I’m really screwed up.

  54. Ha Ha Ha! Yeah right… the guy who said to send him $1… everyone is looking to make a buck, huh? Well “David” don’t forget we were listed as “insightful” and we saw right through you 😉 (I scored 133 – whatever that means!)

  55. > Which on of these is unlike the other 4?
    > Plum
    > Grape
    > Apricot
    > Peach
    > Cherry

    Grape, grows on vines, grows in a bunch

    I got a 131, and I’m an Insighful Linguist too.
    Where can I take a real I.Q. test? Now I’m all into this, its gettin my juices flowin for an I.Q. test. I need my itch scrathed. Anybody?

  56. Also, what the hell is going on. This is nuts! A website for all the insightful linguists. This is really screwin’ with my head. Being insightful linguists, I guess this is what we would do. We should also want to know if the test has any validity.
    I think all of us Insightful Linguist should start a club or a malitia or something. We can get into fights with the regular people, and just talk them into submission. Possibly write a book or draw a picture that will confuse them. Who’s with me?!?

  57. Mmm! Another Insightful Linguist posting another Insightful post. I had fun doing the test and was quite surprised by the result, especially the end comments.
    Anyhow, about the following question:

    Which one of these is unlike the other 4?

    Well I went for the obvious “CHERRY”…All the rest are fruits…

  58. Insightful Linguist, IQ 127
    I enjoyed reading each & everyone of the comments. I’m now in between choosing architecture or engineering to continue my studies. To all insightful linguist, since we have something in common any advice? On a separate note, to Edwin (March 4, 2004) it’ll be fun to have a forum. To Sallie Forth (february 26, 2004) I love flying kites!! :þ

  59. Well here I am at the end of reading all these messages posted about Insightful Linguists. And to be quite honest I find it strange that we all looked up the meaning of Insightful Linguist and ended up here. Well Skevos you must be proud of yourself to started out with just your opinion and for it to grow so big from there….and by the way I like to write but I can never seem to get it all down on paper the way I see it in my mind any suggestions?? So many stories in my head a great imagination…..just can’t get them down on paper…….also i have a keen since of observing people and things and remembering them almost exact like a picture. Well good luck to all!!

  60. Well Janna…I seem to have the same problem; getting it all down. I have discovered that in part my weakness in that respect is the time it takes to flesh it out in comparison to the speed at which it comes to mind. Great for poetry (a short format), not so great for the longer endeavor (short story or novel.) If writing is a definite desire you may like to try your hand at whats best known as “flash fiction.” Given the seeming visual and spatial strengths you can also try some form of visual art as your narrative.

  61. Insigtful Liguist 131
    52 years old, left handed.
    2 years college
    when I graduated in 1971 jobs were tight, Nixon, then, Jimmy Carter was president, mortage rate 18 percent. Inflation 20 percent per year…Add ’em together, it was then called the Pain Index. Only job I could find was Washing and preping new trucks for delivery, then Parts Dept counterman, then Fiberglas factory worker, then Water Treatment Plant operator, Then Kidney Failure, then dialysis at 30, then a Renal Transplant, then timekeeper in a defense plant, then Electrician. Did that for 18 years… really enjoyed the work. Repaired factory machine tools.
    Insightful Linguist would clown with co-workers and do “Vulcan Mind Meld” on machines to determine what was wrong with them. Now health problems caught up with me.
    If I had it all to do over…probably would have like to have gotten more education, then teach perhaps. Pastimes— Ham Radio, elctronics, hunting, fishing…just hanging out with the dog.
    Wife has withheld sex since my 18 year old daughter was born, Daughter hates me, I try to please everyone but still get the treatment. Dog loves me though.

  62. hey everybody! i just took the test at tickle and i got 120, so maybee i dont belong in the new INSIGTFUL LINGUIST MENSA SOCIETY you guys have made for yourselves (he cries), but hell i have adhd so we have to take that into concideration now dont we. im also blind.

    ANDY K

  63. oh!, and by the way, RJS, i’ve heard that dogs are very inisigtful creatures, so im sure u guys make a great pair. have u thought of writing a novela together? any book co-written by a dog would sell. i can guarantee that!

    ANDY K, 18 years old, ottawa, ont. canada

  64. Ahhh… the irony of being an insightful linguist! Procrastinating by completing internet IQ tests (and confirming I’m a ‘gifted’ writer!)to avoid writing a paper on my research!!

    Now that’s insight…

    Thanks for hosting our egos S!


  65. Insightful Linguist; IQ 127; Left-handed;

    This little insightful linguist wants to try to answer and comment on all the postings above – my neurons were firing at all your notes! Apologies on the non-linear way I have written this. I figured all you IL’s can follow fine.

    Firstly, thanks to Skev for giving us all a place to share our thoughts!!

    Thanks to the person (Renee??) who recommended flash fiction. I’ll have to look into it myself!

    To the person who thought of Mensa for Insightful Linguists, I had exactly the same thought.

    It is nice to know there are so many creative off-beat people doing all sorts of things in their lives (and on the internet).

    Keep looking for that thing(s) you want to do; keep doing and searching in the process; don’t be afraid to change if it doesn’t feel right.

    I picked grape as well on the grounds that the rest were stone fruits. I tend to trust my gut for these tests – although in life I can tend towards analysis as well.

    On the career front, I studied both business and psychology and my own business actually does anything communications oriented – written, verbal and visual.

    The psychologist in me would say that the tickle test leaves a lot to be desired. However, like many of you I am both an expert procrastinator and can make it through the whole list of postings. Moreover, it is nice to share something in common with people about whom I know nothing and yet I can see parts of myself in many of their words. Besides, look how many people we can link ourselves to through the results of this rather scientifically invalid test!

    Any more profound thoughts of my own I may have wanted to add elude me, so I will leave you with two thoughts for the day “Erlichta” [lighten up] and keep searching for ‘The Perfekt Taco’.

  66. Yes my preciousssss …we also tooks the testss..ands we got 131(prances around).Grapes ns apricots they sezz .(gollum gollum) .they all wants it..but its miness it is..insightful lingiusts alls..(dimkum donkum)..and the girls postingss…all sincere and ..honest..bah!!!they wants it too..but we wont let them have it ..will we my preciousss!!!..(gollum gollum)..this groups must goes ..if we are to have it..yes master skevosss..follow me..i know the way to the report..(gollum goluum)

  67. Pheww!! lots of reading.

    I scored a 126 on this test and as all of us, I winded up here searching for more info on the “insightful linguist” subject.

    I can`t recall all the post at this point, but I have a lot of things in common with all the persons that have posted on this “forum” (Thanks Skevs!).

    Would be interesting to further compare how much more alike we are. Try sparing some time on this page: and do the “Jung personality test”. To me is by far the most accurate $#!t I`ve seen on the net. You might fit into a model, but the test actually hands out levels of percentages for each type.

    For example, I am a INTJ type according to this test,22%Introverted, 56%Intuitive, 22%Thinking and 56%Judging, Give it a try and lets keep up the thread going.

    Quoting Steave: “I Like building complex abstract theory relationship models”, me too, and I really enjoy the fact that I can easily read most ppl! *grins*

  68. Just saying Hi! to all you Insightful people! Feeling quite a bond to you all.
    Took the tickle test minutes ago and got this Insightful linguist result… Very flattering, but they wouldn’t sell any tests if they didn’t flatter people, would they?
    I am myself a PhD student so the result would suggest I have chosen the right path. With this in mind writing hopefully will become less of an anxiety-ridden activity.
    How do you all Insightful linguists deal with the writer’s anxiety??

    Tricky fruit question – I opted for grape…

    I wish someone bought the damn 15-page report and publish it free on the net. We are all very curious of course.


  69. Give us this day our daily web search!

    Hello and kudos to Skevos!

    Of course I found myself here because I too took the free IQ test from a link off The New York Times online. I scored a 126 which is exactly the same score I received in high school on a standard IQ test. I thought it would be a hoot to take a commercial version. I figured there would be a fee for a “real” report…but I was perplexed as hell that it was in connection to a dating service…dating service is to intelligence as hard up is to…?

    Anyway, I have been getting some long over due hilarity from all the posts regarding the illusive insightful linguist term…which really had me going because what kind of a dumb ass linuist would fail Spanish in school? (Me.) I do have above average vocabulary comprehension but only in English and I can’t spell for crap… so how the linguist portion came into play here is beyond my IQ. Then I thought maybe insightful linguist was one of the groupings in the Myers-Briggs personality test which I had to take twenty years ago for an employer…another good laugh…in a room of 600 people I ended up sitting at a table with just four other people sharing the same personality type as myself…was really hoping I wasn’t split personality serial mom in my spare time or something… but alas, insightful linguist is not a Myers- Briggs type. They are all Introvert/ Extrovert things.

    So the insightful linguist me is a completely right brained female with a knack for logic who has made a living and a dying in the arts and computer programming. I read lots of books…but never wrote any. My only published works are in Newsletters. That’s not exactly linguistic! And obviously I do a lot of time on the Internet. It would seem there is no science behind insightful linguist unless this great little web site is really cyber science in disguise as a blog and we are all being duped.

    Oh yea…I’m right handed and my nick name is “httpmom.” I have two degrees. One in English and the other in Graphic Design. My neighbors call me the neighborhood glue because I’m always getting everyone together socially. I have a lot of friends and they sit on both sides of the political fence. I’m married to a sweet left brained mechanical engineer who’s IQ is about 10 points higher than mine. He’s REALLY good at the math thing. My daughter’s IQ is exactly the same as mine…she was professionally tested..I have dogs and horses and I garden in my spare time. I also love to cook.
    Sincere Thanks,

    P.S. I thought the answer to the fruit question was grape because all the other items grew on trees and grapes grow on a vine. More than one right answer? My Santa Rosa plums do not have fuzz.

  70. I sored 35, and I answered apricot to the question. I have no idea why it was the first answer that came to mind.

  71. Oops! Guess I should clarify since I note there are categories other than Insightful Linguist with a 135 score. I did indeed fall into the Insightful Linguist category.

  72. i got 127, then found i was an isightful ling. then felt a little cheap as i didnt want to pay for any results, so i found all this through my tight fistedness, then did the jung test and found i was entirely moderate, then i felt a little predictable, a little depressed and a little less unique …debated whether i should write then swallowed my pride … and yes, grapes have tiny little seeds, the rest are stony hearted things…

  73. mmmm, “Insightful Linguist”….sounds almost good enough to buy the report! Here is a thought, maybe the “Nice Name” was invented to make you feel great and convince you to buy the report. As a matter of fact, look at the sample report. A score of 91 lands you the title of “Visionary Philosopher” with references to Plato. Someone mentioned that an IQ below 100 will make it a little more difficult to get through school. This is true to an extent and yet a score of 91 makes you a “Visionary Philosopher”? If they gave any catagory a “bad” name (eg. blot head) would you buy the report? My guess…no. Overall a very fun thing to do, as for the “titles”…looks like a good marketing name to make some cash. How much attention should you pay to the score? Look at it from a fun perspective! If you are serious about your IQ score, have a bunch of these done (all types including social intelligence etc) by a registered pro. They will also explain to you what the score means. Hey have fun!

  74. I scored 136. Who cares what insightful linguist means. Whats important is the figure not the category. Just be happy!!!

  75. Its wonderfull to be part of the international fraternity of insightfull liguists….or are we all master debaters?

  76. Its wonderfull to be part of the international fraternity of insightfull liguists….or are we all master debaters?

  77. Insightful linguist with score = 138, connected to the Tickle test through NY Times site. Enjoyed reading the postings – made me laugh. I took four years of Latin in high school and remember none of it except “Semper ubi sub ubi” – “always wear under wear.” And I can sing “Jingle Bells” in Latin “O tantum est gaudium dum vehimur in traha! Tinnitus Tinnitus Semper Tinnitus!”

  78. A long time has passed yet still people are writing to this forum!! Unbelieveable! Its like we found a new race of people, even though some dude probably made the name up and randomly gave it out in a test, I wonder if there is another forum somewhere with a bunch of people calling themselves methodical idealists or something.. I think we should all be happy with what we are, unique, and stop looking for a label or explanation.. dream on folks anyway xx

  79. This is hilarious! I can’t believe the events that brought me to this site. I did this test over 2 years ago (October 16, 2002) and had is stored in my personal folder at work, happened to be in there looking to see if I had a copy of a family friend’s resume, and came across the e-mail, then thought “what the raas (Jamaican curseword) is an Insightful Linguist anyway – googled it and came across this link – still the first hit on google. The comments people have been putting here are just too funny. Enough so that they drove me to post as well (I don’t normally post on sites that I visit). I’ve gotta admit I share some characteristics with a number of people who have posted here – like Mark Mize for example. I also did this test again about a week or two ago (procrastinating at home – doing my MBA – couldn’t focus on my Mergers & Acquisitions paper) and ended up in another category altogether, (but with the same score of 135!) so not sure what that means. Anyhow its all marketing, I’d question how much science there is behind that test. We should start a Yahoo chat room for people who post here called “Insightful Linguists”!

  80. Hello! I just took the IQ test online. I scored a 127, which concludes that I am an “Insightful Linguist”. What is that in the first place? I actually question the accuracy of this test. Why would they want my date of birth and the type of education I received………OH, MAYBE TO MANIPULATE THE DUMB IQ SCORE AT THE END ACCORDING TO MY EDUCATION AND AGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS. Anyways, for all of you who received low IQ’s, don’t sweat it!!!!!!!! Only you really know, and have the capacity to determine how much you can or can’t learn, and how much you know or don’t know.

  81. Friends, I cannot believe I am posting this here. I never post anything. I scored 135 the first time 8 months ago and today scored 127. It was because of the fruit answer. I answered grape because of vine first time and aprcot today. I have been different throughout my life. I was beaten up when I was in grade 1-3 because I am told I was brighter than the kids. So my parents sent me to a private school. There I stayed including highschool. I worked as the youngest Vice President of Finance and Accounting for a global company at the age of 15. After highschool, I went into systems design engineering and accounting. Worked for a strategy consulting firm. Then worked as a Senior Policy Advisor. Then as a Senior Executive Vice President. Today I’m a Kellogg MBA #1 ranked in the world and a Group Chief Financial Officer for a Global 1000 company. I’m doing my Executive Chartered Accountancy and a LL.M (Masters of Law). I have also taken the Jung test and was a Motivating Director which is double red.

    This community of friends here is truly amazing. Let us truly start a chat group on Yahoo and stay in touch. I believe it will help all of us understand what we are facing in our lives.

    I have personally always been different. I am writing 2 books at the moment. I have always been stronger conceptually than anyone I know. But what I think has made me successful is showing empathy and understanding people as people. I am inclusive.


  82. I got an IQ of 131, and I’m 11. That’s good, right? Also, thanks for shattering my belief in my being an Insightful Linguist and having the natural fluency of a writer. I actually took hope in that for a while. Now I can feel my writer’s block coming back on…

  83. Hello. Just completed the emode IQ test and found all the ILs were joining up here. I was overwhelmed to find my IQ so high. It makes me wonder if I might be able to better my station in life and move past clerking at this gas station? Let me consult my consigliere. What do you say Mr. Eight Ball? Oh, too bad. All signs point to no.

  84. I got that test from tickles and got a 129 and, obviously, “insightful linguist”. One thing that I have found to be probably one of the most interesting things about these posts is that we all decided to look into the insightful linguist catagory.

    Also, for those of you who may be worried that you are an idiot because of a low score, just remember that test scores can be very missleading as it bases your answers off of things you KNOW. This is differant from intellagence. Some guy in the middle of the African bushlands who has never had any formal education at all could very well be the smartest guy on earth but chances are he would do terrable on a test like the one we took as he would have very limited grammer (even if it were in a language he could understand) and mathmatical skills.

  85. I got a 129 score on the test and was interested to find that I was an “insightful linguist”. I don’t know about being highly intelligent, but I have been a journalist for the past 11 years – therefore writing does have a natural fluency for me and my spelling is also pretty good. My typing could do with a little work though!!

    Like No. 98, I find it interesting that so many of us who turned up a result of insightful linguist have gone on the hunt for more information about what that really means. I’m not sure we’ve really found the answer yet.

    While I’m not going to rely too heavily on an on-line test such as this one, I think we’re all in agreeance that it is a fantastic boost to your confidence. What has probably intrigued me the most about this site is that Skevos’ first posting was 18 months ago and it is still attracting a lot of interest and comment. And yep, it is still number one on a google search.

    Oh, and re that fruit question…I also selected ‘grape’, principally because all the others are stone fruit. Grapes also grow on a vine, while plums, cherries, apricots and peaches are all perennial tree fruit which are related.

  86. Insightful Linguist. HMM. I got a 126. I chose “grape” because a grape has more than one seed inside, usually. All of you guys/gals have stengthened my self-esteem and have made me realize that I can do better than a Calculations Clerk job and deserve to be treated with respect, as well as show empathy towards others. Good luck to all of you in this New Year.

  87. I scored 136, but i think the test is a lot of bullshit. Just somebody tryin to make a quick buck off of anybody gullible enough to pay for that stupis report. Of course they are gonna come up with a broad term like “insightful Linguist” that sounds really good and makes people feel much smarter than they really are, its called marketing. would you pay for the report if the result of the test was that you were a “brain dead jackass”? I think not. They are just using a broad term that is meant to generally apply to apply to a broad range of people. I think that anybody who takes this test and puts any real stock in it is definitely no genius.

  88. Okay, I scored 135 as “insightful Linguist” and my wife scored 135 as “Visionary Philosopher”. We did it together filling out all wrong answers and got a 77 “Inventive Inquisitor”. I would say this is crap w/o a doubt! But still something to take up a bit of time… Congrats on the google rank, btw.

  89. i scored 131 and I’m a golden retriever. is that good? i’d rather have been eating steak bones and sniffing other dog’s butts, but i heard there was food involved in the test… but apricots? get real..ruff, ruff…

  90. I also must have done The Test. I don’t remember,(so I think I was drunk, then I’m very linguistic), but They send me a mail to ask if I wanted the result (of about a year ago) to be stored. (No, please!)
    And the result was, as for all of you : insightful linguist. So I googled the definition (as all of you) because I couldn’t image the meaning of it. It was fun to find these comments!

  91. Well, it’s a neat toy with almost no validity as far as IQ goes. I have taken several (5 or so over the years) professionally administered tests, and even those vary somewhat. I’ve noticed for example my general mood will vary my scores +/- 10 points or so. There also have been reports on some of these online test of simply selecting random answers giving a good result. Here’s a hint, part of the test is timing: Take it once and record your answers and time, take it again and input the exact same answers rapidly. Most of these online tests will go up score wise. I also have a strong belief that IQ and Education have nothing to do with each other, and IQ is merely problem solving ability, or more properly the ability to process information (Highly distilled version of my views, but I believe it suffices here.) For instance, I loathed school with a passion and was a mediocre student, but the IQ scores have averaged 144 or so over the years. I think this is largely because I perfer hands on technical problems. True, education can help you utilize your abilities to a greater extent, but the flipside is it can also dull your ability to think creativly when you are coached to believe there is a right and wrong way to problem solving. At any rate, Insightful Linguist is expounded on here: with links to their other goofy assesments.

  92. Got a score of 131. Chose Apricot because I have never seen one and don’t even know what it looks like. They never taught me about apricots at law school and I’ve never had to write about them in my work as a Technical Author/Insightful Linguist.

    Enjoy & Relax

  93. hello there!

    I just scored a 106 I’m “Insightful Linguist” so doesn’t anyone believe this IQ test. I do; I enjoy writting alot and I do have really good language skills speaking three languages english,frensh,spanish I’m working right now on written spanish SO I THINK THE IQ TEST WAS RIGHT but I didn’t buy the report why buy it if I don’t need it

    see ya

  94. I took this and purposely missed most of the questions, and here’s what I got:

    Congratulations, Pete!
    Your IQ score is 82

    This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

    Your Intellectual Type is Word Warrior. This means you have exceptional verbal skills. You can easily make sense of complex issues and take an unusually creative approach to solving problems. Your strengths also make you a visionary. Even without trying you’re able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas. And that’s just a small part of what we know about you from your test results.

  95. …and then in this one I purposely tried to get every single question wrong — maybe got a couple right by accident, but I doubt it:

    Congratulations, Pete!
    Your IQ score is 73

    This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

    Your Intellectual Type is Inventive Inquisitor. You have the unusual distinction of being equally good at math and verbal skills. This means you are a creative thinker and are uniquely good at teaching others through experiences. You are also a great improviser and very good at handling change.

  96. My score was 133, seems pretty normal, but my intellectual type is “visual mathematician”. This is correct as I am studing a science carreer at university and it is really my strong point. I’m spanish and my english is quite bad. I hope I could find anyone with the same pattern but seems I am the only one. Curious. My opinion is that this test is not very accurate (I was given good overall knowledge of English by the test which is absolutely incorrect) but at least I am not another “insightful Linguist”, the tests was right at it.
    good but not accurate, marks are quite high.

  97. I scored a 127. I cant begin to express how good it is after all these years of thinking im not as “capable” as everyone else because im not as pretty although people tell me the opposite everything i have pumped into my head from magazines tells me there has to be something to it if all these people believe it. I guess what it all comes down to is do you want to be safe your whole life and hold yourself back and wake up one day and hate what you missed out on and think back all those years and wonder. I dont know, im too honest sometimes but im glad that your little comment on this website has generated so many responses. Must feel good. Good company. Anyways thanks for just existing here Insightful.

  98. Hi,
    I took this IQ Test and scored a 136. I’m thinking that I might want to change my major now, because I wouldn’t mind working with words as opposed to working with dead people and their DNA. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  99. i find it amazing that this amount of people spanning three years are all this bored that not only have we all participated in these crazy iq tests for our own vanity etc.. but wait… that clearly wasnt enough time wasting.. like the cat curiousity got the better of us and we all ended up googling the box that we were all placed in.. i wreckon our abilities should be put together and turn this result into a book based on how we all ended up on this blog… any publication based on this idea or expression of opinion is mine, mine only and any reproduction of said shall be forever etched as a lyrical fices of my own mind… therefore dont attempt to copy and paste or develope my idea (above) without my consent.. dave – in ireland

  100. Heh! You’re quite the popular linguist indeed! LOL I took the test too, posted it in my blog, and now I’m getting hits from the same google search. I’m #1 so maybe your “forum” will die down? 😆

  101. I’m just amazed how many people have ended here. I did the IQ test and scored 130 which said that I was an Insightful Linguist. I wondered what this was and thinking it was a scientific term, obviously it’s not. Whatever it means it seems to describe us poor souls who landed here.

  102. SCored 133, Left Handed, Tested in Sept, 2003 so I have no recollection of what I answered on the great question of grape vs. apricot

    Like Horace, I was just going through some old stuff and came across the results and got to wondering what the heck an Insightful Linguist is. I thought, there must be people out there who can tell me. Instead, I found you people. 🙂

    This site was just hilarious, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can find myself described in many of the posts here and I am definitely know for constantly joking with semantics. Constantly. Drives people up a wall. Always fixing their sentence construction too.

    My best friend described me at my wedding as having the flair and regard of an artist and the pragmatism of a computer analyst.

    Needless to say, I was bery much into art during the early years, good in English, poor in Maths, went on to become one of the “brighter” ones during my degree years but never felt it.

    Lost most of my artistic talent in the process, worked my way up to IT Manager of a multinational, quit and opened my own business in the computer field…and then…..

    Handed that over the my family and opened a sign and graphics shop…back to design and art again….go figure.

    Apricots, Peaches, Cherries, Grapes…None of these grow in my country out here in the tropics. I’m sure what the USA calls a plum we call differently too. Still, Sesame Street has been a saviour of sanity from time immemorial.

    Always planned to write a book though. Just get bored too easily and have too many ideas flowing to actually write. And then when you sit to type….writer’s block. What the heck.

    Been fun linking up with everyone else trying to find out just how special they are.

    In the end, us Insightful Linguists are all the same – Either too cheap to buy the results or too smart to be fully taken in by the smell of a scam.

    Either way, this site was just too funny.

  103. Congratulations, BARBARA!
    Your IQ score is 122

    This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

    Your Intellectual Type is Insightful Linguist. This means you are highly intelligent and have the natural fluency of a writer and the visual and spatial strengths of an artist. Those skills contribute to your creative and expressive mind. And that’s just some of what we know about you from your test results.

    Find out more in your personalized 15-page IQ Report. It’s ready right now!

  104. dear liz
    the gold medalist and lawyer
    don’t feel bad about your results- this test seems to be slanted toward visio-spatial skills, which for lawyer types, these skills are often low. you can still be brilliant in other intelligences!

  105. perhaps insightful linguists are more gullible than other types! maybe the test is geared towards this type because you are more likely to buy the complete test.
    How’s that for being an insightful linguist!!

  106. If only I had been told this when I was a struggling student in the 60’s. Perhaps I could have changed the world in an insightful and linguistic way!!! Now I just wish I could find out what questions I answered wrong..

  107. hey ya all… i’m french, and not a native english speaker… found it hard to answer those linguistic questions, although i have a fairly good level of english… shirley, how do you get those answers??
    by the way, 127 for me too, and i do love languages… spanish, french, english, and malagasy… and i do read well other people… see ya all

  108. Hey, hey … In the words (linguistically speaking) of Microsoft a few years ago (let’s get insightful here), “Where do you want to go today?” Well, dig it, well, dig it, well, dig it. Dollars dictate direction in marketing. And a dating site that preys on the horney intellect of the skeptical American male (primarily) will use every trick in the book to get his credit card out and onto the desktop. Not to say that good old curious gals can’t be led to the fodder as well. But with more time than money on our hands these days, caveat emptor. Or something like that. I wouldn’t know – I do know that I take myself too seriously and don’t have enough real fun. Seek the ha-ha, my friends.

  109. My 131 score was not as surprising as the term “Insightful Linguist”. That’s how I ended up here in search of what the hell that was supposed to mean. It’s good to know that so many others, like myself, are not gullible enough to pay the fee for the 15 page report. The test appears to go on the theory that flattery pays, and maybe it does. Who knows? The owners of the test might be millionaires by now with all the fee’s sent in to them for a pre-written 15 page report. If so, good for them. I’d rather spend $13 bucks on a nice lunch, it leaves me more satisfied. Good luck to all Insightful Linguist’s.

  110. looks like most people are getting a score of 131, including myself.
    I wonder how many people bought the report. If any of you bought it, can you please give me an idea of what is in there.
    I retook the IQ test and purposely chose the wrong answers for most of the questions and got an IQ score of 73 and an intellectual type of Inventive Inquisitor.

    ” Your Intellectual Type is Inventive Inquisitor. You have the unusual distinction of being equally good at math and verbal skills. This means you are a creative thinker and are uniquely good at teaching others through experiences. You are also a great improviser and very good at handling change.”

    I wonder what the lowest score that you can get is.

  111. What is this? You have no idea how much im laughing right now…im 22 yo im from Costa Rica so my english is not at all good, but i am trying to leave a message here since im a insighful linguist too… and now i feel like in a community….hehe. Its kind of courious that all of us try to find out more about the IQ type,and of course in a free way…. im really not sure about the test result but now that im found out this web, im wondering about the kind of people we actually are… come on think about this….all of us consider ourselves as a smart people …that is what the test make us think… and most of us take a few minutes more besides those spend completing the test to write a few words here… so i think we may have something in common…. i have friends that 4 any reason in the world will write here not even a word cuz they dont actually care… i think im thinking to much now…. its better to leave this thing here….it is been pleasure to read u people….Have a good life!!! wherever u are!

  112. Hey guys! I took the test and scored a 127. I am a left handed 35 year old soldier. I”ve been in the Army for 15 years, serving as mainly a mechanic. Right now I’m using my “linguist” skills as a recruiter. I guess that is the ultimate test for a linguist to be able to get someone to join the Army. Thanks for the forum it was fun.

  113. After doing the test for fun and scoring 129, I was somewhat surprised to be described as a “Insigthful Linguist”, but not surprised to be asked to pay for the full report.

    As to the assessment, well it seems that us Aussies can turn our hands to just about anything down here in the land of Oz. If the truth be known, there are probably 20,000,000 “Insightful Linguists” in this country alone!

    I can’t believe that this site exists and that 2 years on it is still getting posts. Let the ILs of the world unite!

  114. Hmm–??What the ???????????is a Insightful Linguist?? I scored 131, am a nurse educator with obviously too much time on my hands–won’t be taking this further no–too many invitations to spend 12.98 for one more test!

  115. Hey all I.Ls first time 132, second time 127.
    So this is our brass ring. Hmm, kinda sad in a way. Well here goes, left home at 15 did lots of belittling jobs to make rent. Dropped out high school at 17. Fell into drywall finishing at 18. Now a machinist apprentice at 32. thirty two years old and Im taking time to do this. Again, kinda sad huh?
    Any way, I think (Insightful Linguist) means BULL SHIT ARTIST. Smart enough to look the part, dumb enough to go no further than that. That has always been my mistake in life.
    Still I have always felt I’m surounded by idiots. So I’ll go along with this little test. Seems I’m in good company.
    P.S. I think we can take the idiots down.

  116. i did the IQ test to and got 124 and Insightful Linguist and i am 15 so i don’t know if thats good considering my age. Some of you people have really interesting jobs and things to say

    well gotta go

    these are also good IQ test the scores only sligtly vary i got 124 in the one u did and 134 in 2 other then another 124
    oh an in one of em it dosen’t give you a number but says stuff mine said

    “You’re a Genius. You probably do exceedingly well in school (if you’re still
    in school). People look up to you and inquire to you regarding matters.:) ”

    yeah there fun to do if ur bored and lookin 4 somfin to do


  118. Hey fellow IL’s. I did the test last year and got 120 and tried it again tonight and got 124. I was told once that I had the gift of “intuitiveness” and yeah I have always been able to read people. See through their BS but dont use the gift in my job. I work in a school as a support worker but have studied phsycology, sociology and criminology. I enjoyed taking the test, mostly because I love doing puzzles. I’m also the greatest procrastonater and not the best speller. I’ve enjoyed reading the postings and kept hoping that I would get the real answer to an Insightful Linguist for free. Good luck to all.

  119. Seems that everyone else that wound up here left a message so I will to.
    Unfortunately, i can not leave a long one. I am to busy trying to conquer the world. My score was 133. Compares with all other tests I have taken in the past . I think ” outside the box ” and have problems with math. If I were better at math I probably would have allready conquered the world.

  120. Hi everyone. I have enjoyed my visit to this…whatever this is! Looks like Skevos has dropped off though, must’ve been fed up with the topic.
    After reading way too many of your comments, I think some of you would be interested in finding out your Enneagram number. I found the Enneagram test to be the best personality-type test. I am a #9 –which includes traits such as “procrastination” or maybe “distractibility” -actually the problem of always finding something else to do besides what you SHOULD be doing because everything is important! Nines are also known to be good mediators because they find it hard to choose sides or make decisions. Google the word “Enneagram” and look for a free test.
    There is also a link to an Enneagram site on my blog:
    BTW, some of you sound like fascinating people, too bad we can’t communicate:(

  121. So I drank the IQ test kool-aid just as most of us here. If this is more than a coincidence, I wouldn’t be surprised. Boredom on the net, or something more powerful, led us here so I’ll tell everyone my score was 124. For amusement, I shall add the oldest written joke, by default, cause I feel it bears repeating…INSISGHTFUL LINGUISTS OF THE WORLD, UNTIE!!! There, I said it, now lets go back to living our lives. Many blessings and happiness to all of my insightful linguistic brothers and sisters from all over the world.

  122. Yo! I scored 133 and if your guess is that I was also listed as an insightful linguist, I guess you’re pretty dam insightful. lol Nah, unfortunately I was a sucker and I bought the full-report. It basically said what percentlie I scored in for the popluation..meaning the population of people who’ve taken the test, then gave me some ideas for jobs: translator, teacher, politician, lawyer, and maybe two more but i can’t remember. I’m 22 now but I have to confess that at some point in my life I’ve considered every single job that was listed and am now teaching english in china. when i finish i plan to persue a higher degree in political science..this was all before i took the test. I am a native speaker of english, fluent in spanish, speak french pretty well considering that i’ve only taken one class in college, picked up sign language with very little effort and am now learning mandarin..seem to be impressing the people here, though not myself. Unfortunately, the test said nothing about beign a writer, i was kinda disappointed by that bc through everything i’ve always considered this, i’ve been writing poetry since i was 9 and have received quite a few honors for my writing but i guess i can only do it part-time now cuz of this test. j/k who know’s what i’ll do next.

  123. oh yeah and it said that i was really good at abstract reasoning, they used Hellen Keller as an example of Insightful Linguist with strong abstarct abilities bc even though she was missing 3 vital senses she was still able to conceptualize her environment to the point that she could later write about and critique. And if you want to know what they say about abstract: taking completely seperate ideas and finiding a meaning..good to express complex ideas in very simple form, and very good at figuring out complex patterns.

  124. I got 122 and am an “Insightful Linguist”, whatever that means. I am an Accountant, so I laughed at the description that I have the visual and spatial strengths of an artist. I do not have a creative bone in my body.

  125. Insightful linguist uniting as one for a better understanding of being an insightful linguist. Before I get on my soap box and blah,blah,blah something insightful ,shouldn’t the IQ test sites be offering thanks and $$$$ for all the free publicity? Now back to my words of wisdom. It is truly a blessing for us (insightful linguist) to finally find each other. This is the time to unite are mind bending abilities to devastate all who appose are will. We will crush are foes with a blitz of insightful verbal assaults. We will challenge any persons with a score of 80 or less for practice. Next we will accept any challenges from opposing sites representing other IQ titles. They can be “gifted’, “genius”, “WHATEVER!”. My brothers and sisters of the United Insightful Linguist are time to act is now. Do not be afraid, they may be able to calculate the circumference of a Black Hole but can they withstand the overwhelming onslaught of insightfully gifted POO-POO HEAD calling contest. The answer is NO they can not. It’s time we stop the oppression of Insightful Linguists’ once and for all. This is a good forum. Oh and kudos on being number 1 on Google’s search of “insightful linguist”.

  126. I got a 144 on my IQ test. I got all of them right. The test was kind of easy. It may be good for some people. If you want to see your answers just click on “back to free results”, then keep going to the bottom of the page and click “no thanks”. After about 10 pop ups you can get your results.

  127. this is a cool test. and i did make me feel better,but if we should have to pay for a report it shouldn’t be for how smart you are but for how blessed we are . and after the results people still wont know how good god is. the true test is ,how strong is your faith because without god there would be NO TESTS!!!!

  128. also an insightful linguist…I myself find these tests to be quite depressing, i dont care who you are. linguist or no linguist, i dont care how insightful you are, i dont like to properly punctuate if i dont have to! and im not sure what an “insightful linguist”, but i am one according to a test i took. these tests and scores put more pressure on me anyway, being a graduate student and all. however, the description that i read of an insightful linguist made me feel better. we should all be proud. we have skills. utilize them. we have power. tests or no tests, we are unique because we have these gifts…. and we dont have to pay for them….use your laptop, or just plain ol’ pen and paper!!!

  129. So your incharge of the insightful linguist wording. Would you please elaborate on the use of this free flowing use of words put together to form an interesting point that was brought together by the Greek God meaning Inside of lusious one. I thank you again for your definition and thanks for the IQ test. You will always be with me.

    ha hah aha Dude I am so kidding. That is too funny how you are getting all these stupid @ss comments and I am one to add to your list. You can put anything on the internet and low and behold… are the chosen one.

  130. I.Q. 127

    I seem to have noticed a pattern among may of your replys, that would include me. The deal of overanalyzing and reading people, even through facial expressions. I have always been amazed at the accuracy of my presumptions. I want to add though, and would like to ask others…..”do you seem to have abilites in doing just about anything?” In other words when putting forth the effort to do a task, does the outcome seem better than average.

  131. It’s just a business plan i guess, and by no means an accurate estimate of one’s IQ. Try answering everything wrong, read your ‘result’, you’ll agree with me.

  132. Can i just ask where did everyone do there iq tests i did mine on and got 126… im a teaching assistant so i think its kinda true about me lol take care folks

  133. Hi Folks,
    Just another “Insightful Linguist” languishing at this
    blog. I got 126 and was half asleep without my 2nd
    cup of coffee!
    I enjoy writing, proofreading, editing and computers, and, yes,
    I do tend to be analytical and teach and perform music as well as speak three languages (Spanish, German and Dutch).
    Although the description regarding fluency in writing and the
    artistic bent seem to jive, I was suspicious when I received
    a call from the University of Phoenix as soon as I finished
    taking the test.
    Of course I was tempted to sign up for their “Insightful Linguists” degree program!
    I suppose the biggest thing we all have in common is a propensity to waste time taking the IQ test, reading ALL of the posts and procrastinating tackling the really important things.
    It is an ego-thing to have wanted to find out one’s IQ.
    Thanks for an opportunity to join the “club”, however, I really wanted to come out with the highest score!

  134. My twin took it and she got the same score as me, 135, but it said she was a “Visionary Philosipher”. Wtf? I’m thinking the IQ test is a load of bullshit, but maybe that’s just me… Congratz on the Google thing. 😀

  135. Another 131 score here,Tickle test.Just doing different IQ-tests to see what kind of questions there are.By testing yourself the brain gets stimulation,and that’s not bad.Noticed that I made really simple mistakes on the last one.
    Official Mensa test at least gives you more credibility in other peoples eyes I think.
    forklift driver from Finland.

    I ran across this site. I wouldnt put too much into it myself, I scored a 129 on the test, and they say the national average is between 90-120, so i guess the majority of us here fall in the upper percentile… but how do you know. Happy Christmas everyone!

  137. 129 and it would seem that I am a professional bullshitter. This is without question the proudest day of my life.

  138. what’s up with statements ” ohhh, I am Insightful linguist and I scored over 130.. What does that means?” grrrrrrr.. These tests are classical IQ tests. Google IQ and you’ll see all you want to know- what does the number means (your score,etc).. Of course, if you believe in credibility of the IQ test.

  139. So I am an insightful linguist. Basically, it means, I see without seeing. To me Darkness is as clear as Daylight. What am I? I’m as blind as a bat. I wear glasses, and I am nearsighted. I figure, my brain developed this way as a result of compensating for not being able to see very much visual detail in the world unless it was very up close. This meant that hearing, smell, taste, and touch were the most useful sense I had. Everything I saw merely confirmed what I had to anticipate…or something. So once I got old enough to realize I needed glasses and got them, it put me so far ahead of all the “cool kids” who didn’t need them, that I had already grown apart. In a prehistoric world, I might have been killed off early due to not seeing the lion till it was too late, but this brave new world, I am the most lethal predator on the planet. However, instead of preying on the weak minded, I pray with them. Instead of flaunting my talents, I often subtly hide them. I try and do things to help rather then hinder, which often hinders me, but I can deal with it. Take for example my birthday last year I wanted to go see the OKC Thunder, but instead I went to a sports weekend with some people, which I knew was a bad idea. The Thunder are the darlings of the NBA now, and Kevin Durant is becoming a huge star. I saw LeBron play on my birthday in 2005 and he dropped his career high 55 points. To me it’s not only being smart, it’s being in tune. Coincidentally I really good at karaoke. I write a lot, you might hear of me crafting the next generation of beautiful music, only, if most of the population won’t get it, I guess I’ll just hope that my future offspring and all of yours will appreciate it 🙂 cheers y’all

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