Brown Outs, Talk Back, and The BBC

I've never seen anything like this. It's nearly four in the morning and ever since we got home (about seven hours ago) the house has been in one long brown out. Obviously I've seen brown outs before, they're a fact of life in Brisbane and they're part of the reason I bought a UPS unit to protect my PC data, but until tonight they've always been momentary events. (more…)

By Skevos Mavros, ago

Milligan’s Autograph

Some people collect autographs as a passion. Others casually get autographs from famous people they meet (athletes leaving the field, an actor in a coffee shop, that kind of thing), keep them for a while, then throw them away. From a fairly early age I realised that autographs meant nothing to me. I just didn't "get" it - and I still don't. What's the big deal about getting someone famous to sign a piece of paper? Perhaps my contempt of autographs was just part of my contempt for fame. I've rarely been "awed" by seeing a famous person. But there is an exception. One day I did ask someone for their autograph: Spike Milligan. (more…)

By Skevos Mavros, ago